Monday, 31 March 2014

A weekend to remember !!


This weekend was Busy to say the least. With Mother’s Day, my brother's 21st and my boyfriend finally turning 18. Saturday night, I enjoyed my “all time” favourite dish "Chicken Fajitas" in the East Gate Village. Although, I will admit the pancakes were fragile to say the least and I am surprised I left with my clothes still intact. Not only did we ask for the wrong desert (chocolate brownie Sundae is not a chocolate brownie it is a mixer of all things gone wrong). But it was miserable outside. I won't lie I quite enjoyed walking with my cute, multi-coloured umbrella. Sunday saw Douglas dominate their opposition and I watched vigorously with my take away tea. All in all it was the best weekend I have had in a while. I even got cake. (Though, I was horrified after a certain chipper incident). For now I will just sit and wait for the "Game of Thrones" new season!!
Obsessed with ripped jeans !!

Primark and my Love for Leather !!

After my recent trip to Penny's. I have been holding out since February to find the perfect leather jacket. Finally after weeks of waiting, Penny's have stocked to must Beautiful leather jackets. They are available in Pink, Black, Beige and Navy. All for only 27euro. I was so obsessed I got two. Ideally they are best worn with jeans and a top with either a statement necklace or a scarf for Spring.

Also I have spotted and invested in a new leather brown bag for 15euro. The bigger the better. Essential for fitting all your bits and bobs for Summer time. Also it is very stylish and available in two colours.
           Street style inspiration for the perfect leather look


A brighter Smile to fill the day !!

Last Saturday, I took a trip to Advanced Laser Light on Prince’s street, Cork to get my teeth whitened. As I am an overly, obsessive tea drinker, keeping my teeth pearly white is a problem. So, I decided to try getting them whitened with laser as it was recommended to me before. I was greeted in the door by a very polite receptionist and fell in love with the smell coming from the candles. When the laser treatment started I got to lie on a bed of blankets and listen to soothing music in the background. This for me was perfect as it reminded me of a spa. Of course I fell straight to sleep. (Recommend booking an appointment early in the morning.) Afterwards, I got to examine my much improved teeth and in fact avoided sensitivity. I had heard horror stories of not being able to eat or drink for hours after the treatment. This turned out to be false and I enjoyed my chocolate bar as I waited for my bus. It was a successful day.


To maintain, I would advise taking a trip to Deals and getting whitening toothpaste for 1.49euro.
     “There are Hundreds of Languages around the world but a Smile speaks them all”


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rose of Tralee: being a spring flower bud

After meeting last years Cork Rose, I got a sense of inspiration to put in an application and run for Cork Rose. A few weeks later I got my email and so my journey began.........

A Rose reflects the intelligence, compassion and independence of modern Irish women.


I think every little girl grew up watching the Rose of Tralee, waiting, dreaming of that day of being crowned the Rose and getting to wear a sash and crown. While the orchestra played the beloved rose of Tralee anthem. But what I really love about the whole contest is the after effect. Knowing you will get an opportunity to work with so many charities and help others in need while sharing your culture.
This year the current rose got to go to Belarus to an orphanage. Amongst the glitz and glam of the event it is nice to remember, that you will also get an opportunity to give back to people in need. Recently, I attended the SVP AGM and became the leader of COPE next year. College for me is not only for enjoyment of socializing, but also an opportunity to give back to people who need you. You never know when you will need help in the future and I would hope someone will be there for you too.
At Christmas, I sponsored a little 4year old girl from El Salvador to attend school. Not only did I love receiving letters in Spanish with drawings from her, but I also got to share my heritage while learning about hers. Over the year in college, I have meet amazing people who dedicate their lives to help others and it is inspiring. Next year I am hoping to run a marathon for charity and volunteer to go to Bali to teach in a primary school for a few weeks.
From a favourite quote of mine:

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Penny's top buys for the day !!

Seeing as it was a sunny afternoon. I decided to take a trip to Penny’s to see if anything caught my eye. For this adventure I decided comfort is key and on went my Hollister trackie with laced up converses.

With the appending summer in mind I dived in, plucking from its rails nothing but treasures. (If they had my size).
I am in love with the Aztec jewellery range at the moment. The only thing missing from my life is an Ankle bracelet. Finding the perfect one is like digging for gold!!.
My dream to attend a festival may be awhile off. But in the meantime I will go with the flow and embrace the hippie/boho trend.

To conclude, the pattern detail on this flimsy, cute, high-waisted shorts were worth the 13euro each. I could not decide which colour I loved best. So in panic I got both. The jacket consists of soft material teamed with leather sleeves. A real treat to myself.

Through Rose Rimmed Glasses

Beauty essentials
Vaseline lip balm
Vaseline moisturizer
Although the list is small. Trust me from experience it is all you need in for a practical and effective skincare routine. I do not go anywhere without these three essentials in my overnight bag.
Sudocrem was originally created to suit a delegate skin for new-borns. But did you know your face no matter what is age remains fragile. A Sudocrem mask works wonders for blemishes, cuts, etc. Growing up a hormonal teenager like majority of young people these days I unfortunately inherited my Fathers skin type and so the blemishes began to my misery. We have all been there were your mother start to suggest its “too much sweets” and that we should cut down on the sugar intake. We had every brand tried and tested. All failed or had one miracle week out of 6. Slowly but surely we started to just accept our fate and cake on the make-up until nature took its course and they would disappear. While you sit back and wait, I suggest washing your face with a hot towel before bed and rubbing on Sudocrem. Trust me you will thank me in the morning. 
Vaseline lip balm are widely available and cheap. My personally favourite is coco Vaseline. It smells incredible and makes your lips glossy well keeping dry lips at bay. I would recommend before removing mascara rub on some Vaseline to soften your eyelashes so it will rub off more easily. Also to achieve a dewier look in the summer mix some Vaseline and highlighter and rub across your cheek bones. Believe me it gives a nice youthful look.
During the summer months when trying to achieve that perfect tan, do not forget to moisturize!! It will keep your tan for longer, stooping it from drying out and peeling. I would recommend Vaseline moisturizer.
Although as a tip: When abroad under severe heat “pat” on the moisturizer instead of “rub” to prevent your skin from peeling!!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Rain Proof Irish Fashion

Rain in Ireland is a daily expectation and one I dread as college is a 20minute walk away. Every day I watch my friends put on amazing outfits full of colour. Unfortunately the outfit never leaves the room for others to admire due to the Irish stubborn weather. College girls resemble a hobo/hippie these days with the *Green* parka becoming our life saviour. But this popular jacket has made us girls resemble an army unit. Bringing back memories of the co-ordinated school uniforms that we once vowed never to return to (except for fancy dress). So on a recent adventure on a night out to the city, I decided to embrace the rain and wear a skirt. The skirt is question is in fact “rainproof” with a leather plastic material. I teamed it with no tan!! Avoiding streaks and sleeked back hair. The result…. One night avoidance of the “Wet dog look”.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Cancer Awareness

Today like many others I took part in a worthy campaign for breast cancer awareness called “NoMake-upSelfies”. I like many other women took to the craze and donated to the charity. For the last few days Facebook has been swamped with girls everywhere baring there natural beauty for a good cause. I believe everyone in some way have been affected by cancer whether it male or female and it is nice for once to see social media doing something good for the world. Especially after the horrific incidents associated with the dreadful “Neknomiantions” that saw lives taken from both Ireland and the Uk. I read this morning that in the last 24hours cancer research has taken in 200K in donations and is still receiving more by the minute. When you experience someone close to you fall ill. Something inside you begins to stir. Most the time the question “Why” him/her will spring to mind. But most of all a sense of wanting to help or fix the situation is lit within all of us. That is why I was willing to support this cause and smile. It may not find a cure today or save people close to me. But maybe it will help to further research so, that someday in the future when the word “Cancer” is mentioned people will survive and a cure will exist. But for now I will still pray for those who are sick and ask God to intervene to help them through tough times and hopefully come out “Cancer Free”.

Bedroom Bliss

After a much needed revamp in my bedroom to inspire me for the upcoming study month. I took myself on a much needed trip to Penny’s. Where I indulged myself with my little cute and affordable gems.

Bed Covers: 18
Pillows: 6 each
Paintings: 3 each
Candle: 2.50
Teddy's: Valentine gifts

Playing with Fire

Life is all about RISK TAKING. Have you ever been given an opportunity or came up with an idea but quickly dismissed it because you found some fault. Majority of you will think to yourself “Yes, all the time”. But have you ever stopped and taught to yourself why? Was it the fear of failing or being judged by others that stopped you? Well I want you to stop saying no and for once to say YES!!
Why say yes ……..
Imagine yourself achieving that goal. Be it big or small. Picture yourself completing, winning, that smile and most of all that feeling inside of you that says “you done it”.
Too afraid to start that weight loss challenge, always finding a reason to start tomorrow?? Why not dig up an old photo of yourself and stick it on your mirror. Every time you look at it motivate yourself to get back to that time. If you’re self-conscious of the gym Primark are selling cheap exercise equipment at the moment. Find a comfortable spot in your home and try the “30 Day Catching Fire Challenge” on YouTube. It is only a 12minute workout a day so will find time. Or find an exercise partner, I find myself that I workout quicker when I have someone to talk to.
Have you sat back and watched other colleagues take higher positions that you know would have better suited you?? Why not decide to go into the running for a new position instead of watching others. You can achieve anything you set your mind to. Achieving is believing. Start dressing for the role you want. Build up contacts. Work that little bit harder. But most of all make sure you get them to notice you. There is no point trying if no one is watching. So remember smile and say hello someday that person could be an important influence in your life.
 Everyone dreams of travelling growing up. Whether it is to go to London for a shopping trip, Bali to volunteer or a J1 in America for the summer. The reason most people do not conquer these dreams and hop on that plane is down to money, commitments or just plain fear of the unknown. If your barrier is money why not get a part-time job? If that does not work for you volunteer for a charity. Although volunteer holidays are expensive. The money comes from fundraising so with a bit of determination you could achieve that dream. The only one stopping you from achieving your dreams is you. Don’t wake up in a few years full of regret. Life is too short so start living it.

Voluntary work and making a difference


This week I received my UCC Works award for all my volunteer work in the first semester. To give a brief summary here is what I accomplished:

Over 40 hours of volunteering with children in.........

SUAS paired reading: Sunday's Well National School

SUAS accle-read/accle-write: Sunday's Well National School

SVP Homework Club: Greenmount Primary School

Plan Ireland Sponsored a child: girl aged 4 from El Salvador

SVP giving tree: girl aged 7

For anyone who may be considering to doing voluntary work. I can ensure you it is a worthwhile and rewarding opportunity. Not only do you feel better about yourself. But you are also contributing to helping someone else have a better chance at life. Over the months I got to know the kids really well. I listened to 12 year old girls tell me how their best friend stole their boyfriend and then 2 weeks later how she managed to win him back. I tried hard to hold back the tears with laughter. I also meet some truly amazing talented kids from all over Europe. One girl in particular comes to mind. She can speak 6 languages and use to complain to me how she couldn’t grasp Irish. I use to tell her not to worry she was not alone. Majority of Irish people can only speak English. I taught a boy to improve his literacy skills and also learned about how he taught GAA was God’s gift. The Giving tree was an amazing experience to be able to go to Smyth’s toy store and pretend you were 7 again. Overall there is one thing I learned from this experience “No matter how small you too can make a difference”.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Summer's Day

                                 Summer’s approaching!!
After a great week, I indulged myself with an ice-cream covered with strawberries, chocolate and smarties.  Well-deserved I taught to myself. This week I was accepted as a peer support leader for next year in college. You have the fine task of mentoring and introducing 1st years to the real college life (not the American rom-com we all waited for). Since College is nearly finished for the long summer I have made no plans to escape based on two reasons. 1: I am officially broke from living up here and 2: I am waiting to see can I become an Au pair in France for a little bit. Also I want to save for next year so that hopefully I could travel to teach abroad for charity. I know what you’re thinking shouldn’t it be free or cost less to go with a charity? Unfortunately no it is in fact a very expensive holiday costing over 1000euro. But in good news I retweeted a competition this week and dun du du dun …….. I won a free sub combined with my usual weekly magazine “Look” or “U”. It lead to a very relaxing evening and I even got to visit my boyfriend. Successful week I think.
                                                      All clothes seen were purchased in Penny's.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

A College comfy night out !!

                                                 Night out on the town this week !!

Pink trousers 17euro Primark
Black top 2.50euro Primark


                             Earring 5euro River Island



Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My top list Fashion Movie’s

When one considers where her inspiration for fashion comes from Movies pops to mind. As a little girl growing up I would sit in awe at the beautiful actresses in the movies and long to look and dress like them. They made fashion almost a fantasy, a fairytale that never grows old. From sparkly slippers in “The wizard of Oz to Louboutins in “Sex and the city. Every girl no matter what age experiences that joy, excitement and rush for fashion. After all everyone dreams of becoming Cinderella at the ball. All we need now is that certain *eye candy* to match the look!!

Coco Chanel

Confessions of a shopaholic

Pretty women


Devil wears Prada

Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway <3