Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My week with my partner in crime

Every girl needs a partner in crime to help her through life. Mine comes in the name of Stephanie (Steph). She's blonde, health obsessed and in love with Irish (cough, cough..Aidan). Our adventure started from a young age (aged 3 in this photo) and let’s say it was always dramatic. But then again were Aquarians. Exactly 6days apart!! Now 19years old we ended up in the same College, same course, and hopefully (fingers crossed) same house.

To make matters even better she cooks. Though I was forced to tie 50 balloons late in the night. She made me pancakes with lemon and sugar. Best way to my heart is through food and tea. She also made me a cup of tea and let me watch "Honey Badger". If you haven't experienced it yet look it up on YouTube. It gets me every time!!

I received my SUAS recognition cert this week for my volunteer work with Sunday's well national school. I dedicated 6hours a week to teaching computer programmes and improving literacy skills.
Overall there is one thing I learned from this experience
"No matter how small you too can make a difference".

To conclude, this could be the picture of my new roomies and me for college next year!!


  1. Fun. Everyone needs a partner in crime. Have fun in college
    xx, Jodi

  2. Thanks Jodi I agree makes life more fun x Love your blog btw. xx