Friday, 27 June 2014

Jason Derulo ......


Last night I finally got to treat my boyfriend to a concert in the name of Jason Derulo. Although, as we learned it mainly consisted of "ripped", "no tops allowed", "backing track" & "gym tips" accompanied by excessive dancing. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The concert ranged in ages from the wannabe cool dad behind us to the 12 year old struggling in heels. The best part of the concert was a glimpse of Steve Aoki where the place started hopping for those short few minutes. Next time I think we should go to a RAVE!!
The after party hosted in Savoy as you may have heard by now was *cough *cough interesting. Reports alleged sexual assault by the entourage & harrashment towards girls of all ages including minors. An invitation to the VIP section I kindly declined.
To finish up our evening we strolled to McDonalds which is standard after a night out. Dreaming of the burgers kept us going all night with a McFlurry topping the icing on the cake. There was a range of entertainment provided with couples who drank too much declaring “They & life themselves was over”. I was actually very entertaining when you were us sober as a judge watching from a far.
Either way was a nice night out

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